Monday, November 06, 2006

Next Gen ILS -- Kentucky

State Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky (SAALCK)

Next Generation Library System Committee Charge


The member libraries of SAALCK currently share a joint license for Endeavor’s Voyager, an integrated library system. Statewide implementation of Voyager began in 1999 and has facilitated efficient use of statewide technology resources as well as sharing of books and journals around the state. The system is now approaching the age where we need to consider an upgrade or replacement. In addition, the world of library systems has changed dramatically. With the prospect of new funding in the next year or so, we need to develop the vision for a new system which can guide our selection process. This vision would not be an extensive set of requirements for an RFP but rather a vision for what the new system needs to provide and accomplish.

Charged by SAALCK, the Next Generation Library System Committee is asked to:

· Investigate an overarching structure for a Kentucky next generation library system;
· Develop a vision that answers the question “if we were upgrading or replacing the current Kentucky ILS system, what major features or improvements would be needed?”
· Identify core system values such as connectivity, reliability, capacity, performance, security, and access.
· Determine best practices or new features which are being incorporated into new library systems such as link resolvers, metasearch capabilities, and electronic resources management systems.

Timeline: Statewide committee appointed in late October 2006,
Report due mid December 2006


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