Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I completely agree with the "proposed" core values. To me, they are specific to what we want, here anyway, in an ILS particularly the OPAC. In a nutshell, library users want something more like what they use " in real life", e.g Google, Amazon, Web 2 tools. I see it everyday.

We have users who START with Amazon then come in to see of we have the book (students) and users who start with WorldCat (faculty).

I really like customizeable even if it isn't a word. Do you mean from the user's point of use or the institutions? I mean, can users build what they want with the catolog? I guess I am thinking participatory.

I have followed the "OPAC Sucks" discussions in the traditional literature and the blogs and agree with most of what is said. The "proposed" core values support the arguments of the OPAC Sucks faction, I think.

My personal beef with OPACS is the absence of a spell checker feature!!!!!! OK, back to thinking big picture.


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